Graphic design, copy editing, sharp writing.
Basically, if you need a publication created from scratch, call me.
Beautiful designs, all spelled correctly | 816-878-2510 |
About Me

I’m an editor who writes, a writer who designs, and a designer who can spell (and I can correctly identify the past pluperfect and tell you a slightly dirty joke involving that particular piece of grammar). I know how to communicate a message to a wide variety of targets through both words and visuals, and I’m always looking to expand my skills and challenge my mind.

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Marketing Pieces

Anything that can be printed can help market your company or cause or idea. It’s easy to tell yourself that everything in the world is going digital, but think about how many pieces of paper still cross your desk every day? Now think about how important it is that those pieces be readable and eye-catching.

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Stuff I Design for Fun

I firmly believe every family needs an Aunt CC, and in my family, that’s me. I’m the official family photographer and historian, a task that has increased exponentially with the addition of each nephew and niece.

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